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Volunteer at NSCA

A small yet growing school is always in need of extra support and help. There are many ways in which we can utilize the talents and gifts of parents. Whether you work or stay at home, there is a place in our school for you to be involved. We request that each parent give a minimum of of forty hours of volunteer work during the school year. If you are an NSCA parent, please talk to your child's teacher about how you can receive a blessing by volunteering. Teachers will contact parents they haven't heard from to set up a volunteering opportunity. We ask that anyone volunteering as a teacher's aid or tutor, or any area that involves working with students in the classroom, observe the school's staff dress code (see uniforms). Those who volunteer as chaperones for field trips should observe the dress code specified by the teacher for each individual field trip. We ask that children of volunteers not leave their classrooms to see their parents while their parents are present at the school, as it is disruptive to the classroom schedule. If volunteers wish, they may eat lunch or attend recess with their children.

If you would like to be part of a rewarding volunteer ministry at NSCA, please fill out the volunteer form available in the school office and submit it to your child's teacher. It can also be downloaded below.

Download Parent Volunteer Application

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