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  • My children have gone to this school for the past 3 years and I can not believe how much my kids love this school. The staff and parents are one of a kind. I highly recommend this school if you are looking for a place for your children to feel loved and to learn.

  • "I can't imagine going to any other school after spending a year here! This place is GREAT!"
    -NSCA Student

  • This is a wonderful school with a great faculty! They are friendly and loving to the parents and the children. Very supportive!

  • "I have sent my child to your school for the past 5 years (this year will be year 6!). His cousin (the same age) has attended public schools nearby. What a difference in the quality of his education! Not just the academics, but the character development and spiritual aspect are oustanding! Amazingly wonderful faculty and staff!"

  • I am a teacher at NSCA and I love it. I feel very embraced, encouraged, and challenged to be the best teacher I can be. I have my son here, because he will get the best education and the most nurturing at NSCA. As teachers here, we will challenge your child to be his or her best, we will set the bar high to help them stretch, and we will teach the Word of God and try to model its teachings. NSCA, to me, demonstrates the love of God in its many outreaches. I love this school and highly, highly recommend it. Although an older facility, here is a small taste of improvements made in recent years: new playground fences, pre-K's own bathroom, massive landscaping, & other improvements the teachers did themselves. Again, I love NSCA.
    - JoAnn Conway

  • I was fortunate enough to attend NSCA as a teen and I am thankful that our son can go there now. I think the leadership is outstanding! The teachers have become extended family to us. The children certainly receive both quality academics and solid Christian principles at this school!
    - Rusti Simone

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North Stonington
Christian Academy

Pre-School to Grade 12