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Girls' Uniform

Grades Pre-K through 8: Navy blue jumper or skirt (knee-length or longer).
Grades 9-12: Khaki colored skirts (knee length or longer).
White oxford style blouse, long or short sleeved for girls in grades 7-12. Girls in grades Pre-K through 6 may also wear peter-pan style collared blouses. Collared, three button placket, knit golf shirts may be worn in warm weather only (September, May, and June). Blouses and shirts must be tucked in with only the top button open and

no under layers visible.


Navy blue cardigan, pull-over sweater, or sweater vest available through Land's End Catalog (or of comparable style if purchased elsewhere). Girls in grades 9-12 may wear navy blue blazers.

Socks or tights (matching navy or white). Girls in grades 7-12 may wear hose.

Shoes (sneakers are allowed). No flip flops for any grade; No open-toed shoes. Shoes for Pre-K - 6th grade girls must have a heel strap; grades 7-12 may wear open-backed flat or low-heeled shoes. Shoes/sneakers must be laced and tied for safety reasons. Shoes/sneakers should be solid colored (no cartoon prints or graffiti graphics, no flashing lights, no wheels are permitted).

Girls should wear shorts under their jumpers or skirts if they want to play on the playground climbing equipment.

Gym-type solid colored navy blue sweat pants may be worn under jumpers or skirts outdoors during extremely cold weather only.

In all grades, spandex shorts will not be permitted.

Visible tank tops and camisole tops worn under open shirts are not permitted.

Jewlery and make-up for young ladies should be modest. Large hoop or dangling earrings are not acceptable for safety reasons (earring size should be generally, smaller than a quarter). Hair should be kept off the face and out of the eyes.

No exposed midriffs due to low riding pants or short shirts (i.e. gym, dress-down days). 

North Stonington
Christian Academy

Pre-School to Grade 12