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Uniform / Dress Code Policy

North Stonington Christian Academy requires uniforms for daily school wear. We believe that the way students dress strongly influences their behavior, self-image, and the effort they extend in school. It is our desire to encourage students in developing an attitude about their appearance that will show a high degree of self-respect and self-worth. With this in mind, the dress code is intended to guide students in dressing in a clean, neat and modest fashion, which will also reflect manliness in boys and femininity in girls. We do not wish our students to conform to the culture of the world and fads or extremes of dress, but to be a counter-cultural influence for good in all areas of life, including their appearance.

Dress code requirements are in effect during all hours of school
operation (including before and after-care).

  • Proper outerwear is required for students who have recess (Pre-K through Grade 6). Coats, hats, gloves, etc. are required for cold weather. Students with inadequate outerwear will not be allowed outside for recess.
  • Outerwear including hats, coats, and gloves are not permitted for classroom wear.
  • Both permanent and temporary tattoos are not appropriate for boys or girls in all grades.
  • No face or body piercing (other than pierced ears for girls) are appropriate for any student.
  • Dying hair or portions of hair an unnatural hair color is not acceptable for any student.

In all instances concerning questions of proper dress, the decision of the teacher will be final.

Teacher / Staff / Volunteer Dress Code

The staff is expected to set the example in dress standards. Each member must maintain a neat and professional appearance. Volunteers and visitors are requested to support this policy. Volunteers in classrooms are asked to abide by the faculty dress code. Volunteers who are doing physical work at the school (lunch duty, cleaning etc.) may dress accordingly. Dress for field trips will vary. Volunteers and students will be notified of any changes in the dress code due to the nature of a field trip.

LADIES: Modest skirt and blouse, jumper, or dress. . Slacks/jeans are acceptable on certain field trips or special dress-down days, or when volunteering to do physical work.

GENTLEMEN: Smart casual attire, similar to the boys uniform. Neckties are optional except for chapel day.
**Please no flip flops for ladies or gentlemen.

Girls' Uniform

Grades Pre-K through 8: Navy blue jumper or skirt (knee-length or longer).
Grades 9-12: Khaki colored skirts (knee length or longer).
White oxford style blouse, long or short sleeved for girls in grades 7-12. Girls in grades Pre-K through 6 may also wear peter-pan style collared blouses. Collared, three button placket, knit golf shirts may be worn in warm weather only (September, May, and June). Blouses and shirts must be tucked in with only the top button open and

Summer Uniforms

Both boys and girls in grades Pre-K through 8 may wear navy blue tailored (uniform-style) knee-length shorts (capri pants also acceptable for girls) on hot days during September, May and June. Students in Grades 9-12 may wear khaki colored knee length shorts (or capri pants for girls). No knit shorts, wind pants, etc. are acceptable. All other uniform expectations remain unchanged.

Chapel Dress on Fridays

Students may choose to wear church clothes on Fridays instead of their school uniform for chapel. Chapel day is not a dress down day. Students should be in attire similar to the school uniform-knee length skirts and dresses for girls and tailored oxford style shirts (colors other than white allowed) and slacks for boys. Ties are required for boys on chapel day. NO JEANS (of any color) ARE PERMITTED on Chapel Dress days. No high heels for girls of any age are permitted. Chapel dress is a privilege for our students. Abuse of this privilege will result in a return to uniform dress for Fridays.

Boys' Uniform

Grades Pre-K-8: Navy blue chino pants (Docker style, NOT cargos) with solid black or brown belt (no belt required in Pre-K or Kindergarten). Grades 9-12: Khaki color Docker-style pants. Pants should be worn at natural waistline (not riding low) and not be excessively baggy.

White oxford-style shirt, long or short sleeved. Collared, knit three button placket golf shirts may be worn during warm weather only (September, May, and June). All shirts must be worn tucked in with only the top button open.

Navy blue cardigan, pullover sweater, or sweater vest available through

Gym Uniform (Boys and Girls)

Gym uniforms may be ordered from the same company as the school uniform or purchased elsewhere. T-shirts, sweatshirts, and gym shorts with the NSCA logo imprinted are available for purchase at the beginning of the school year. You may also purchase plain, solid-colored navy blue or white t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, and sweatpants if you wish.

Dress-Down Days

Special dress-down days are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month. Students may wear modest casual clothes, appropriate for a Christian school environment. No t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. with inappropriate slogans or graphics are permitted. Other dress-down days may be called during the school year during Spirit Week, as a reward for participation in special events, or for special field trips. These will be announced in advance to the students and parents.

North Stonington
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